FLUFF: Photoshop fail. Because who needs bones or joints, right?


1. Oh, Grazia. What have you done?

Forget hot dogs as legs, according to Grazia France, the hot new trend this season is hot dogs as fingers:

Because who needs joints, right?


2. A GIF of Robert Pattinson lying on the ground kissing his co-star over and over and over … Need we say more? Click here to enjoy a piece of the action.


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes.

3. Tina Fey’s toddler “might be a sociopath.”

We’re huge fans of 30 Rock’s hilarious Tina Fey.

So much so, that we sometimes forget that she is a happily married mum with two kids and, you know, not Liz Lemon.

Not like that’s totally our fault. Tina Fey is the sort of person who keeps her private life private. So, it was a surprise that her youngest daughter, two-year-old Penelope, was the topic of conversation when Fey visited The Late Show with David Letterman.

In fact, it was a surprise that Fey even made it to the show at all. Given that her toddler appears to be trying to kill her.

During the interview, Fey revealed that her daughter “might be a sociopath.”

She said:

I was giving her a bath one night, and she was overtired – in her defence – and I said: ‘Okay. Bath time over.’

She got real mad that I took her out of the bath. She looked me square in the eyes and with two tiny little hands, choked me.

But Fey wasn’t particularly troubled by her daughter’s behaviour. She said: “It’s so funny because they’re not strong enough to kill you.”

Watch the rest of the funny interview below:




4. Teresa Palmer’s proud dad has spoken out about her pregnancy, while she’s posted a sweet retro pic on Twitter. Click here to go awwww.


5. Someone snuck into Jenny’s block.

Jennifer Lopez.

A stalker has spent six days in Jennifer Lopez’s $10 million Water Mill home before being spotted by a member of her staff.

In that time 49-year-old John Dubis managed to clean up parts of the property, post vacation photos online, and pleasure himself over her yard.

Yeah. Yuck.

When confronted, Dubis claimed he was the father of J-Lo’s children, and she had left the property open for him.

Living in the pool house and sleeping on a couch, the former fireman parked his car in plain sight of her security guards and still wasn’t caught.

He’s pleaded not guilty to burglary, stalking and criminal contempt, and is now enjoying the more confined space of a Southampton jail cell.


6. What do you get when you mix Beyonce with Cinderella? Cinderonce! We’re calling it: this is the best adaptation of Cinderella yet. Watch the bootylicious video here.


“Oh I just can’t wait to be King!”

7. George, George, George of the jungle! 

Prince William has revealed that the royal newborn is to have an African themed nursery; reminiscent of the many fond memories of Will’s childhood travels.

In a one hour CNN special, ‘Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope’ Wil spoke about his plans for the royal nursery:

“I’ll have toy elephants and rhinos around the room. We’ll cover it in, you know, lots of bushes and things like that. [We’ll] make him grow up as if he’s in the bush.”

Prince William hopes that one day George will get to experience Africa the way he did as a child, but for now is happy surrounding him with the next best thing. Plush toys and a castle disguised as a jungle.


But, let’s be honest, Wills, this is just about trying to make sure that George is as much like Simba from The Lion King as possible.

$10 says this new ‘Prince of Africa’s’ first words are: “Oh I just can’t wait to be King!’


8. Birthday party bags are usually the domain of lollipops and bubble blowers, but not when you’re a Kardashian. Kim K’s sister celebrated her 16th birthday by sending all 150 of her guests home with more than $1000 worth of party favours. Click here for the WTF details.


9. Brazilians needed a sexier Beyonce. Beyonce delivered.

Fact: Things are sexier in South America.

Additional fact: Beyonce is the sexiest woman alive.

So, what happened when Beyonce needed to put together a ‘sexy’ ad to promote her new Brazilian tour?

This. Enjoy:


And, in case that wasn’t enough Beyonce, here’s a gallery of Queen Bey:


Kanye and Kim.

10. Kanye West speaks about becoming a father for the first time.

The countdown is on to the reveal of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby daughter, North West.

The newest Kardashian is making her debut on Kris Jenner’s (AKA Kim’s mum’s) new eponymous talk show, Kris.

The interview will be broadcast tonight, but, to whet our appetites, the good people at brand Kardashian have released this snippet of new dad Kanye talking about the new arrival and his relationship with Kim.


(After a solid 20 seconds of musing on the credibility of his artistry. Because, while he might be an excited new father, he’s still Kanye.)


If you’re hankering for a Kardashian fix while you wait for the whole interview, flick through our Kardashian gallery:


11. Kermit the Frog and Steve Martin have a banjo-off.

Presented without comment:

Ben Affleck .

12. BREAKING Ben Affleck is Batman

It has been announced that Ben Affleck is cinema’s next Batman.

The 41-year-old actor will play Batman opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman in the Man of Steel sequel, due to be released in 2015.

The film will be the first time that Batman and Superman have appeared in the same movie, which got superhero fans very excited at Comic Con earlier this year, when the project was announced.

And, now we totally get why they’re so excited. Because the thought of Henry Cavill’s jawline and Ben Affleck’s smouldering eyes in the same frame of film is making us feel a little bit flustered, too.