21 of our favourite phone apps. Tell us yours.

Your mobile phone is more versatile than a Russian gymnast with a muscle spasm.

It’s a clock, a computer, a web browser, a compass, a GPS, a filing system, a voice recorder, a camera. Oh, and a phone. And a very sexy paperweight if you happen to have dropped it on the tiles.

This is mostly because smartphones use apps (short for applications and I’m not even sure if I need to explain that anymore) to perform awesome tasks. But for every app that changes your way of life, there’s another app that is basically a light sabre that can also make fart noises.

Not cool. There are actually more than 100,000 mobile phone apps out there but only some of them are genuine-100-per-cent-joy-ticklers. There’s a term you’ll want to forget quickly. So here’s the best way, check out our pick of the apps that will change your life: