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Philippines typhoon: The storm has wiped out entire villages
The storm has wiped out entire villages

 1. Typhoon Haiyan

Over 10,000 people are dead after one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded swept across the Philippines. Super storm Haiyan has devastated the country. Thousands of bodies have been swept out to sea, entire villages have been flattened. Several Australian’s are missing, with one confirmed dead thought to be whistleblower Priest, Kevin Lee.

The storm is now headed towards Vietnam where it is expected to strike the capital Hanoi this morning.

More than 600,000 people were being evacuated from low-lying parts of Vietnam last night.

If you are concerned about loved ones in the area call DFAT on 1300 555 135

For more on the Typhoon and how you can help see here.

2. Brawler laws

IN NSW tough new “one punch” laws will be to be introduced to cabinet today after outrage over the soft sentence handed to Kieran Loveridge, who killed teenager Thomas Kelly. Under the new laws there would be no requirement for the prosecution to prove the offender knew the punch would cause death. The offender could face up to 10 years jail.

3. Julia’s regrets

Typhoon Haiyan: Julia Gillard at Victorian Women's Trust
“What lies beneath is deeply held cultural stereotyping, anger and misogyny” Julia Gillard addressed a Victorian Women’s Trust event in Melbourne.

Julia Gillard has used a speech yesterday in Melbourne to urge Parliament to keep a price on carbon. The former PM said she made a mistake by allowing Labor’s carbon pricing mechanism to be called a tax.

She also said that the greatest regret of her government was not explaining to Australians why she toppled Kevin Rudd  and she decreed the failure of the gender revolution. She urged young female aspiring leaders to not be deterred by her experience.

4. Asylum seekers

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has been forced to reveal that Indonesia has twice rejected requests from the Abbott government to accept asylum seekers rescued by Australian authorities.

5. Will Clive show up?

Parliament returns tomorrow but billionaire Federal MP Clive Palmer might be a no show saying that he is sick with a cold. He cancelled media commitments yesterday.

6. Defence ‘Hazing’ scandal

Defence force investigators boarded HMAS Ballarat yesterday and several sailors returned to mainland Australia in the wake of sexual assault allegations centred on the naval vessel.

Philippines Typhoon: Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke
The debate comes at a time when 1/3 of parents admit they have seen their kids acting out ‘porn style dance moves’.

7. Ratings for music videos

In the UK debate in the House of Commons will tomorrow call for a ratings system for music videos, as well as for all airbrushed photos in magazines and newspapers to be clearly labeled. Campaigners have said that constant exposure to such media is making young girls sexualized, and feel the only worth they have is to ‘be hot.’


8. Drinking apps dangerous

Also in the UK there are calls to ban ‘dangerous’ mobile phone apps that encourage young people to binge-drink. Hundreds of alcohol-related apps target teenagers and popularise excessive drinking.

9. Pushy rich parents

A study has shown that children of affluent parents were experiencing surging levels of neuroses, including eating disorders, drug abuse and criminal behaviour.

The authors said that the cause lay in the relentless pressure to succeed, which many children cannot live up to.

10. Qantas uniforms

Philippines Typhoon: Miranda Kerr for Qantas
Hosties will now get a choice between only 3 lippies

Qantas staff get new uniforms next month but many hosties are unhappy. The look was revealed by Miranda Kerr but staff say they simply don’t look like the supermodel.

“The uniforms are really tight and they are simply not practical for the very physical job we have to do,” said one flight attendant. They also get new strict rules on hair and makeup.

In Brief:

Simon Gittany’s partner Rachelle Louise, will give evidence today in his murder trial.

AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty heads to Perth today in his inquiry into how the Australian Electoral Commission lost 1375 West Australian Senate votes.

Officials have banned teenage education activist Malala Yousafzai’s book from private schools across Pakistan, calling her a ‘tool of the West.’

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