Kat Stewart and Peter Helliar's spoof of #JacketGate was the best part of the Logies.

Just as most of us were about to doze off on our sofas, Peter Helliar and Kat Stewart have delivered the best part of Logies night, hands down.

Presenting the Logie for Best Comedy, the pair walked out on stage in matching fuschia outfits.

We know what's coming... Image: Channel Nine/Logies

"Uh I'm sorry, you need to change," Gold Logie nominee Helliar interrupted Stewart as she started to introduce the category.


Immediately, everyone knew what was coming... and clapped their hands with glee.

Yep, the presenting pair tackled the infamous #JacketGate and delivered pure comedy gold.

Source: Channel 9

"Call wardrobe. I'm sorry but I told you to change two hours ago. I asked you specifically not to wear fuschia. You need to put a jacket on or something," Helliar continued.


"I've been flat out," responded Stewart.

"I told you two and a half hours ago, we can't both wear fuschia! We look like we're trying to land aircraft," said Helliar.

However rather than a jacket, the pair ended up with a much more, erm, interesting compromise.


Yes, a poncho.


Of course with Amber Sherlock also in attendance, the camera was quick to try and capture her reaction to the spoof.

She handled it like a pro.

Like a pro. Image: Channel Nine

(And we can't help but notice she was also in white... maybe she knew what was coming?)

Julie Snook also weighed in on social media.


Unlike other parts of the night, Stewart and Helliar's skit appeared to be a resounding success for all.



Honestly, the pair deserved to take home the Best Comedy gong themselves after that.