All the allegations to emerge from our country's parliaments in the last 24 hours.

This post deals with sexual assault and might be triggering for some readers. 

This is not going away anytime soon.

For weeks now, Canberra has been experiencing a reckoning; spurred on by the allegation from former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins, who said a colleague raped her in Defence Minister Linda Reynolds' office. 

Since then, a horrific number of women have come forward with tales of a toxic, sexist workplace at Parliament House, with thousands marching across Australia in March demanding change.

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But it's not just Parliament House. We know there are cultural issues right across Australia, and state government ministers are also now telling their stories. 

Here are all the fresh allegations to come out in the past day.

NSW MP takes leave after rape allegation.

On Wednesday night, NSW Nationals MP for the Upper Hunter Michael Johnsen announced he was taking leave immediately while a police investigation into a 2019 rape accusation against him took place.

Earlier in the day, NSW Labor MP for the Blue Mountains Trish Doyle told the lower house an MP, whom she did not name, raped a sex worker after she did not consent to penetrative sex.

"It is all the worse that this man who raped her is a government member of this chamber ... his power and privileged position as a civic leader make that fear, anger and hurt all the worse," she said.

Doyle added she had been contacted 18 months ago by the sex worker who told her she had responded to an advertisement.

Johnsen said he had - "without admission" - stepped aside from the role and would not sit in the Nationals party room or the joint party room 


"I am devastated by these allegations," he said in a statement.

"I have voluntarily spoken with NSW Police and I have and will continue to fully cooperate with their inquiries.

"I am confident any investigation will conclude that I am an innocent party."

NSW Police confirmed they were investigating allegations of sexual violence against a woman in the Blue Mountains in September 2019.

"The matter was reported and referred to the squad in late September 2020 and has been under investigation since," they said.

Early on Thursday morning, Nationals leader John Barillaro said he had "sought Mr Johnsen's resignation from his role as parliamentary secretary for agriculture and he duly resigned".

Peta Credlin claims historic orgies took place at Parliament House.

Sky News host, and Tony Abbott's former chief of staff, Peta Credlin has accused Liberal staffers of holding "orgies" in Parliament House and claimed she had previously fired the man sacked this week for masturbating on the desk of an unnamed female MP.

Credlin said during her Wednesday show that evidence of "orgies" in ministerial offices was found after one man was fired for "disloyalty".

"When the MP cleaned out the staffer's desk and the computer, that MP uncovered evidence that for many months that staffer had regularly met with other men, in the middle of the day, when the MP was in question time, for orgies in political offices," she said.

"Labor staffers, not just this Coalition man, and a number of others too."

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Video via Sky News.

She said she knew the identity of the man fired this week after a Channel 10 report into men videoing themselves performing lewd sex acts in their workplace.

"The man sacked by the Morrison Government this week for his disgusting acts on an MP's desk and its distribution on a little chat group. How do you even think about doing that sort of crap at work," Credlin said.


"That bloke I demanded to be sacked years earlier. Now that bloke, he's not the same as the man I told you about with the orgies, but the bloke who was sacked this week was someone I sacked years earlier."

She said because of her involvement, journalists were backgrounded that she was "a bitch".

"He never forgave me for it. He backgrounded to journalists about me that I was a bitch, too tough, all the things you've heard before.

"You never heard my side of it, did you? I sacked him and I said he would never be back again in that building. Turnbull rolled Abbott, I was gone and he was back."

She said she knew the names of others involved.

"The other three that Peter van Onselen broke in his story this week, I know who you are. I see you," she said.

"The former minister who is alleged to have male prostitutes delivered to Parliament House... the former minister? I see you too.

"For years I copped hit after hit from unnamed sources. I stand by every decision I made. I would do it all again. And as a woman, boy I made some enemies. I have never publicly spoken about my side before.

"But I am not going to stay silent anymore."

Queensland health minister details grope at parliament.

Queensland health minister Yvette D'Ath has told state parliament she was groped by a visiting dignitary when she was working as attorney-general.

Last week, D'Ath shared her experiences with harassment and assault as a teenager and young woman on Twitter.


She reflected on the response to this as parliament debated a motion condemning the harassment and assault of women and supporting a right to safety. 

D'Ath said "keyboard warriors" replied to her tweets with comments such as "It must have been a blind man", and "No way, she's way too ugly for this to be true".

"And they wonder why women won't speak up? This is appalling behaviour," she said.

"If they want something current - well how about two years ago, as the attorney-general, when I was groped by an international judge at a conference in this parliament?

"This is still happening today. It has to stop," she said.

Liberal Senator accused of 'slut-shaming' Higgins.

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has been accused of slut-shaming Brittany Higgins and saying she was "so disgustingly drunk" she "would sleep with anybody". 

Senator Abetz has categorically denied making the alleged comments which were aired by Tasmanian Speaker Sue Hickey under parliamentary privilege on Wednesday. 

Hickey told state parliament she spoke with Senator Abetz on March 1 at a Hobart City Council citizenship ceremony and asked if the federal minister accused of a historical rape was Christian Porter.

"The senator quickly responded that yes, it was the first law officer of the nation, Christian Porter, but not to worry, the woman is dead and the law will protect him," she said. Porter has denied the allegations and is suing the ABC for defamation.

"He then said 'as for that Higgins girl, anybody who is so disgustingly drunk who would sleep with anybody, could have slept with one of our spies and put the security of our nation at risk'."


Abetz told a Senate committee he "rejected and categorically denied" the "mischievous assertions made under parliamentary privilege".

"To suggest that I'd make light of a rape allegation is horrendous," he said. 

Abetz questioned the timing of Hickey's accusations and said she never raised concerns with him. 

Hickey announced earlier this week she was quitting the state Liberals to run as an independent after being told she would not be endorsed by the party for the next election.

Abetz stated Hickey was "trying to destroy the party" on her way out the door. 

Morrison said Abetz would continue in his roles on various committees, noting he had absolutely denied making the comments.

Hickey later returned serve in Tasmania's parliament saying she had witnesses to back up her account and had spoken about the conversation with senior Liberal members a few weeks ago. 

"This is why the women of Australia are angry. This is why they do not speak out," she said. 

"No amount of denial from the senator will remove the conversation from our community dialogue, or my clear and concise memories of the revulsion I felt at the time."

Craig Kelly denies ignoring allegations about his advisor Frank Zumbo.

Former NSW Liberal Party vice-president Kent Johns has called embattled former Liberal MP Craig Kelly a liar, as Kelly continues to stand by his political advisor Frank Zumbo despite sexual harassment allegations.

Kelly has denied knowing anything about allegations involving Zumbo until media reports first emerged in 2020.

"No specifics or no details of any allegation were ever put to me until recently," Kelly told 7.30 in a statement.


But Johns told 7.30 he had told Kelly about some allegations and concerns at least three times between 2016 to 2018.

"He's a liar," Johns said.

"He knew what was going on. He knew the behaviour was unacceptable, and he kept ignoring it. Craig Kelly had a duty of care, which he's failed to fulfill."

Johns said he had also raised the alleged "treatment of young women" in the office with senior members of the party but met a dead end.

According to 7.30, at least seven women have provided statements to NSW Police about Zumbo's behaviour, alleging he was sexually inappropriate.

A seven-page statement from a former staffer, provided to the ABC by the woman, alleged Zumbo attempted to kiss her multiple times.

In June 2018, she alleged Zumbo exposed himself to her.

"I looked over at Frank and noticed he had taken his penis out of his zipper on his pants. I began crying while saying, 'Frank, I don't want to do anything like that. Please just take me home.' Frank tried to encourage me by saying, 'Come on.' But as I continued crying, he put his penis away."

The woman said she'd told Kelly about this after leaving the job in 2018, but he did not reply.

Zumbo has denied all allegations.

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