Someone created the "perfect banana" chart. Utter chaos ensued.

Prepare to learn a lot about your friends, family and co-workers, because one chart is drawing lines and exposing weirdos who eat very ripe or underripe bananas.

Posted on the Instagram account fitness_meals, this “perfect banana” chart lays out examples of the fruit in order of ripeness from one to 15 and is easily stirring up more passionate debate than “the dress” of 2015.

What’s your choice? I would do between 5 and 6 ???? #fitness_meals

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While many, including this author, are firmly in the camp of eating between a six and eight – maybe a five or nine if you were desperate – there are some who say their ideal banana is a 10, or even an 11.

As for 12 through 15, well I think we can all agree they’re best left for turning into banana bread.

And then there are some weirdos people who… just don’t like bananas.

What’s your ideal banana ripeness? Tell us in the comments below.

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