The Peppa Pig toy that is not child-friendly.

His first words were every parent’s nightmare.

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Parents of a three-year-old boy in south-east London were horrified to discover some of his first words were expletives they say he learned from a malfunctioning Peppa Pig toy.

Amari Black, who was born with Rickets and has learning difficulties, was given the Peppa Pig Fun and Learn Tablet as a Christmas present in an effort to help him improve his speech.

The naughty toy.

But when Amari started to say "f**k you", his parents realised something was wrong.

Amari's father, painter and decorator Garfield Black, told the Daily Mail while the toy was supposed to say "find the odd one out", it said "f**k you? odd one out" instead.

"I was disgusted, I thought he had learned it at nursery school," he said.

"But then when I was playing with him I realised that it was Peppa Pig that was teaching him it - I was very upset."

A Peppa Pig toy was allegedly behind a toddler learning to say "f**k you". (Via Twitter).

Job centre advisor Marcha Black, Amari's mother, told the publication she was "devastated" when relatives started to question their parenting abilities.

"He got in trouble at my mum's for saying it and told me off because she thought he was learning it from us at home," she said.

"He's definitely banned from playing with it now."

Marcha also told the Daily Mail that while she has written two emails to the manufacturers, InspirationWorks, to complain about the toy, she has not yet heard back from them.

At the time of publishing, InspirationWorks had not yet responded to the family's claims.

What have your experiences been with malfunctioning children's toys?

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