Some people shouldn't be allowed to name their kids

Cheese! No, not as in “Say Cheese” as in taking a photo, or even adding cheese to a delicious sandwich…Cheese as in someone decided to name their baby that.


We kid you not.

This is just one of the gems we found on US parenting website BabyCentre’s list of most unusual baby names for 2013.

Check these out:

Most unusual baby names for boys in 2013

1. Ab

2. Ajax

3. Anibal

4. Apollo

5. Baobao

6. Braulio

7. Bright

8. Cadance

9. Caige

10. Cheese

Most unusual baby names for girls in 2013

1. Amorette

2. Archita

3. Azza

4. Blip

5. Blue

6. Chevy

7. Creedence

8. Delara

9. Duda

10. Elecktra

Yikes. Australians by comparison are BORING (sensible). Here are our most popular selections for the year:

New additions to the girl's list this year include Ivy, Alice, Georgia, Madeline, Holly, Indiana, Poppy and Harper. New boy's names this year include Levi, Leo, Zac, Archie, Tyler, Elijah and Hayden.

Australian parents are most likely to express naming originality by altering the spelling of traditional names. Daring bunch, aren't we?

In the US Phone appeared on the unusual names list which will make for some complicated interactions later in life. "Phone, can you answer the phone?"

What is the most unusual baby name you have heard used in Australia?