They thought they were posing for photos. Cue hilarious montage.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that everybody looks most like a twat in the five seconds before a camera flash goes off. Think of the embarrassing poses you pull when someone whips out a camera (don’t deny that duck-face and/or sparrow-face are regularly involved). Everybody has a signature move, and everbody looks dumb. All in the hope of getting the perfect shot.

Now imagine that every time you were awkwardly posing for photos, someone was actually filming you. A horrifying thought, isn’t it?

Someone in the UK has actually done it. They asked a bunch of drunk students at a party to pose for photos and just filmed them instead. And as is the way with pranks, when it’s happening to someone else, it’s freaking hilarious.

Watch this and consider your day made:


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