The weird sex question that broke the Internet.


Um, do you dunk your penis?

That’s THE question that everybody has been asking the last 24 hours, after a bizarre sex question on parents forum Mumsnet went viral.

With the tagline “By Parents for parents”, most of the queries in the advice section of the website are about kid-related issues.

Enter Sara Crewe.

The website’s traffic more than doubled when she posted this question:


The confused/amused/are-you-serious responses began flooding in almost immediately:

Sara tried to explain herself:

Seems legit. But that didn’t stop the comments flooding in:

Sara eventually admitted that she only realised a ‘penis beaker’ may not be a common thing when her husband had to warn a friend not to put lemon squash in it. Apparently that friend’s reaction was… Well, pretty much what everyone’s reaction has been today.

The hashtag #penisbeaker started trending on Twitter and, of course, the memes began flooding in:

One industrious person even tried to capitalise on the whole thing on ebay:

So… Um… We’d like to tell you how we feel about penis beakers, but we’re still not entirely sure how we feel about penis beakers. Although it does beg the question… Do you dunk?

And if not, what do you do?
What response would you have given Sara in the forum?


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