You’ve been doing it all wrong: Peeling a potato

Ready for another mind-blowing trick to make dinner less of a slog? So are we…

Of all the tedious kitchen tasks, potato peeling is up there with the best of them. It’s time consuming, slippery (if the spuds are just washed) and leaves you with a hand cramp. No wonder potato salads are a ‘weekend BBQ only’ food – who has time for that?

Good news, spud lovers – we have a treat for you today.

Following our posts on the easiest way to peel a hard-boiled egg and a banana, it turns out we've all been getting this peeling thing wrong. Watch as our wise teacher rids a freshly boiled spud of its skin in mere seconds - with not a peeler in sight. Use this trick in conjunction with the egg trick, and boom! - that's your potato salad ready in a flash.

Added benefit: According to the video, this little trick will save you one month (!) of your life.

Did this work for you?