What have you done really well this week?

One of the attractions of the internet is the anonymity it provides, the opportunities to share and confess.

Just think of the success of sites like postsecret where you can send in an anonymous postcard with your deepest, darkest secret to be posted online, and of course places like Mamamia  where there was a huge response to a chance to confess your sins!

I can’t join in though – I’m an over-confessor. I have nothing secret to spill! My husband is the lucky recipient of a daily recounting of all the poor choices, selfish decisions and other various sins I feel I committed that day.

What I’m not so good at, nor are most people I know, is saying hey, you know what? I did good!  I’m trying to get better at it  and I reckon most of us could stand to improve our patting ourselves on the back skills. We live in such a culture of put yourself down, be self effacing, make fun at your own expense. It’s okay to some extent – total show offs are not great company, and arrogance is no fun –  but I think we all need to get better at noticing and saying what we’ve done well instead of just focussing on our mistakes or shortcomings. Hey, maybe if we can better at being nice about ourselves we won’t feel so keen to get stuck into other people.

So how about sometimes we jump online and give ourselves some love?

I’ll start.

As a general compliment to myself, I am awesome at parking. Not only can I almost always find a park in a crowded area at a busy time,  I often find the free ones. And my reverse parking is a thing of beauty.

And today, despite feeling a shocking night’s sleep and a 9.7 on the crotchety scale (crotchety – a fine word that is not heard often enough) I made the effort to get out into the morning sun and meet up with some new people. Would have been easy to slump on the couch and watch morning TV but I didn’t give in to temptation. Good for me.

What have you done today that you feel good about? Or more generally, what do you rock at?

Kate Ritchie is mother to two beautiful children.  As well as a challenging reverse park, she enjoys asking ‘why is it so’? about all manner of things.

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