Passive aggressive work notes (so much more fun than being direct).

Sometimes you can’t be quite as direct as you’d like with your workmates. Especially when they’re being dicks.

The solution? The passive aggressive work note.

They are pure genius: you don’t have to confront the person concerned about icky kitchen or bathroom issues, there’s no nasty finger pointing and you avoid all kinds of ongoing awkwardness.

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Here’s how it works: leave them an anonymous note. Tell them, without any room for interpretation, they need to get back into line. Immediately. Reap the rewards.

Here are some classic examples.

1. The smartarse strikes again.

2. Straight to the point.

3. Someone has been watching a *little* too much Taken.

4. Jesus, where do these people work? In a zoo?

5. Slow clap.

6. Someone is running to the toilet to vomit right now.

7. Quite frankly, Dan has had ENOUGH.

8. Translation: Please shit yourself explosively elsewhere so you don't infect our guests.

9. You don't want to see a kitten cry right?

10. Fran dares you to take a chance.

11. Clever.

12. I can't say for sure, but this might be the best work place on earth.

13. Now guys, about that creamer.

14. So beautiful.

15. Accurate.

16. See what happens when you're not at your desk?

17. Nope.

18. Pin ALL the cleaning memes to the wall to get your message across.

19. Cutest apology ever.

20. Dave gets lucky. Again.

21. That Jesus. Always has an answer for everything doesn't he?

22. Guess what, Debbie?

23. I'm actually stealing this for our office.

24. Fair call.

25. I'd like to think I was capable of this.

26. Magnificent

27. Excellent effort.

28. TMI.

29. Either/or.

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