Fluff: Fight! Fight! Fight in the parliamentary gym

Deep in our nation’s capital, politicians are having the most brutal fight of all.

It’s war in the parliamentary gym, where sweaty parliamentarians  are squabbling over the remote control.

It began on Monday morn, when Labor Senator Claire Moore asked her Coalition colleagues Immigration Minister Scott Morrison and Tasmanian MP Andrew Nikolic to switch the channel in the Parliament House gym from Sky News to the ABC.

The two conservative gym junkies were unimpressed, taking control of the TV remote and ending the gym’s 15-year-long tradition of watching the ABC playing in the gym.

The only way to settle Canberra’s biggest remote control stoush? Democracy, of course.

Parliamentary treadmill fans were asked to vote for either Sky News or the ABC.

Mr Nikolic sent out an email appealing to his conservative buddies to Vote 1 Sky: “I encourage you to vote for SKY News on the basis that: it does not involve socially-progressive commentators sitting on couches endlessly reciting Labor talking points; and the sports coverage on SKY is vastly superior,” he wrote.

As Prime Minister Tony Abbott continues to slam the ABC for being “unpatriotic,” there’s a swing among conservative TV-watchers toward Sky.

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