Paris Jackson remembers her dad.

It’s a wall plastered with images of Michael Jackson. And it belongs to his daughter, Paris.

The 14-year-old tweeted this picture of her bedroom wall with the caption: “my new wall **took me 3 effing hours**”

She received some backlash to the picture, but responded by saying: “someone commented on my pic saying “obsessed much?” yeaa u better believe it .. a whole wall of his pics is the LEAST i could do.”

This from The Daily Mail:

The last fortnight has been a dramatic one for Paris and her siblings, with her family engaged in a highly-publicised dispute over the whereabouts her grandmother Katherine.

But with the return of the 83-year-old matriach to the family home normal service has resumed, and Paris is back to enjoying life as a teenager.

In the latest development in Paris’s feuding family, Katherine has revealed she will not take any legal action against her children after they ‘tricked’ her into spending 10 days at a spa.

While she was gone Paris and her siblings repeatedly tried to contact her, but access was blocked. Katherine eventually lost custody of her grandchildren, but this has since been reinstated.