Parenting Triumphs & Fails - Are you brave enough to share?

What’s been your ‘parent of the year’ moment this week, and what would leave you with a ‘could do better’?

So here at ivillage, we know that when you’re in charge of little people, some days are better than others. There are moments (fleeting, fabulous moments), when you feel you’ve got it all together, everyone’s eating green stuff, everyone’s hair is brushed, people aren’t glued to screens of various sizes, the house doesn’t look like someone shot a cannon through Toys R Us. And then there’s, you know, the rest of the time…

So in the hope of celebrating parenthood’s highs and lows, we thought we’d like to start sharing the best and worst moments of our parenting week. Because we are all in this together, people, trying to steer the new generation towards responsible adulthood without breaking them. Some days, that’s all you can ask.

In the interests of walking the walk, I’m starting off Parenting Triumphs and Fails with my high and lowlights of the week:

PARENTING FAIL of the week: Deep breath. Okay, so I forgot that Friday was Australia Day Dress-Up at my daughter’s preschool. She may have been the only kid there who wasn’t wearing adorable koala ears, a cork-string hat or, yes, a Southern Cross ‘tattoo’. In my defence, there are just so many bits of paper in her Peppa Pig bag at the end of the day. Some are thoughtfully scrawled cards ‘for you , Mummy’, some are crumpled pictures of, um, something pink, some are questionnaires (of which I am terrified), and some are informative missives about things like special dress-up days. And fee increases. So, I missed one. I have to say, my girl unfazed and was happy to jump around like a kangaroo without ears, but me? Slack Mum Award.

PARENTING TRIUMPH of the week: I have worked out how to get both my children to eat healthy stuff – whizz it up in the blender and freeze it. My two are completely averse to anything that grew from a tree or in the ground, but if it’s an iceblock… “Wow! An icey pole. Can I have another, Mummy?”. Even better, my daughter loves to make them with me, and hasn’t yet made the connection about all that ‘orrible fruit she’s dropping into the ‘whizzer’ and those delicious icey poles that emerge at the other end. Happy days. My kids are eating three types of fruit at once, I am Mother Of The Year. What’s that? Fructose overload? Lalalala… I can’t hear you. A win’s a win, people.

Please, make me feel better. Share your week’s parenting Triumphs & Fails.