The perfect Valentines present

Update: So Christmas was sorted with cards from Oxfam and I’ve struck gold this Valentines Day too.

I am giving my husband some chickens and my son a piglet. They may not smell as nice as roses, but piglets are a far more generous gift especially to families overseas in need.

Oxfam have released these cards for Valentines Day and I think  they are a little bit perfect to give as a gesture of love

The cards are available until February 14 at or at Oxfam shops around the country.


I have a reputation in my family as being a really good gift buyer. I don’t think that I’m that good at actually selecting gifts, it’s just that I have radar ears and I listen very carefully. Okay sometimes I also eavesdrop but it’s all for a good cause because come birthday time I remember what they forgot they actually wanted.  It’s handy and it makes me very popular.

For instance I gave my husband 20 classics for our 20th wedding anniversary because he is constantly looking for a classic to read. I gave my sister a slow cooker when she had been complaining that she never had time to make dinner in the evening and I gave my mother an e-book reader when she worried that she didn’t have space to store all her books.

This post has been sponsored by Oxfam

But Christmas time is hard- not just because I’m Jewish and don’t celebrate Christmas ergo no gifts for me. It’s hard because I have a lot of friends that I buy presents for and there’s a lot of other people in my life that I want to acknowledge at Christmas and a LOT of people that I want to thank for all their care during the year and a gift at Christmas is the perfect opportunity.  I’m thinking of all my son’s teachers, the tae kwondo instructor, the cricket coach, the woman that walks my dog when I can’t get home in time, the neighbor that always takes my bins in. The list is endless.

Now as good as my ears are, and believe me they are, I cannot possibly overhear all their conversations.  But I do know one thing – there is nobody that I am buying for that doesn’t have enough “stuff”. There is nobody that I am buying for that really needs anything that I can buy for them. There is also no one that I am buying for that wouldn’t want to make a difference


So this year I am going to buy a goat, or a chicken, or even a pile of seeds. Maybe a safe refuge for a woman or pre-natal classes. I’m even thinking of buying a well and  I might just start a small business.

You see when you buy an Unwrapped gift card from Oxfam, your donation will go towards helping support Oxfam Australia’s life-changing work around the world.  You simply purchase a gift card (you’re actually making a donation) and the recipient of your generosity receives a gift card explaining how their special gift is helping others. It’s a way that those of us with a lot can help those with a little.

This Christmas I have decided to really give generously because- let’s be honest – the joy of giving is as important as the delight of receiving.  And this is really a gift that gives and gives.

I am ecstatic about the gifts that I am buying and I have no doubt that not only are my gifts making a huge contribution to people that really deserve it and need it but that the people who I am buying for will be thrilled that their gift is given with thought and love.

You can check out some of the amazing Oxfam gift cards in the gallery below. There are over 40 to choose from.

Seriously this is an amazing idea for a Christmas gift. And your generosity has the potential to make a huge and meaningful difference to someone’s life

It actually feels good that my family needn’t bother dropping hints anymore because I know what will feel better for both of us . Think about it – another book on the shelf or the gift of literacy? I know which way I’m going

You can order your gift by phone on 1800 034 034, drop into any Oxfam Shop or order online here

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What are you buying for friends and family this Christmas?

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