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'I outsource all my home life admin. Here's exactly how I do it, and how much it costs.'

For those of us that are women and mothers, we can often be found organising our child’s sports bag, writing a grocery list, tidying up a mistake made by a team member at work and supporting our partner, all within the same five minutes. 

But what if our lives didn’t have to be so hectic and disjointed? What if there was a superpower we all had access to that could provide us with some peace and enjoyment?

About five years ago, I uncovered the secret superpower - asking for help.

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At the time, I was struggling to maintain my home and garden. The number of jobs that needed doing daily, weekly and monthly was making me stressed, grumpy and unwell. My work, relationships and mental health were suffering.

So I made a list of all my jobs, including my work jobs, and decided what I could outsource.

I now have a house manager/personal assistant, cleaner and gardener. In total, this costs me over $1,400 per month. In addition to this, I have a wonderful team that helps me run my business. 


Yes, it costs me money, but the enjoyment of life that I get in return is worth every penny and so much more.

Asking for help has become key in maintaining my health and happiness and has allowed me to buy back my time.

Transforming beliefs.

The history of women is that we should be "seen and not heard," and unfortunately, we as a society and women individually are still having a hard time shaking those beliefs. 

But there is a shift happening, and it’s time to embrace it because that outdated mindset might be holding you, your family and your business back - big time. 

By asking for help you will have more capacity to build strong connections with your family, reach your business goals and have time to rest and recover. 

Imagine soaking in your bath, instead of cleaning it. Or getting to a yoga class after work instead of mopping the kitchen floor.

On a daily basis, I encounter female entrepreneurs who are trying to do everything themselves. Usually, they are a boss, mother, cleaner, cook, shopper, friend, wife, and so much more. 

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These women are often overwhelmed and exhausted. When I suggest asking for help, reaching out has often never been considered as an option and the thought usually brings on fears of being judged or rejected. 


At the same time, they don’t get satisfaction from chores like folding laundry, and from a monetary point of view, it would be a much better financial decision to pay someone else to do it for them.

Additionally, by asking for help, women are causing a cultural shift in how housework is to be done. The unrealistic expectations that are placed on women will be challenged and a new cultural norm of outsourcing and equality can emerge.

Asking for help frees up energy.

I’ve been there, trying to juggle everything myself and being in constant burnout. 

I would snap at my kids and husband, and I felt completely overwhelmed at work. But as soon as I was able to ask for help, my load lightened. 

I had so much free energy and creativity to pursue my business, be present with my children and enjoy my life. 

Asking for help around my house has even boosted my self-confidence. I’ve become more confident in what is mine to do, and what I can ask others to assist with.

Less stress gives you more time to connect with your family.

Ever since I started asking for help from those around me, I’ve been able to build much closer connections with my family. 

I have more capacity to enjoy life’s special moments and be present with my husband, 12-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter when I’m not stressed about rolling socks or taking out the rubbish.

For example, I’m now able to have slower, more enjoyable mornings with my family.


Instead of being rushed and on the go, we have the luxury of easing into the day. I get to be present in my life and with the people I love.

Getting help is giving someone else work.

By hiring a team of people, I quickly realised that by outsourcing I was supporting another small business. 

One of my core values and reasons why I work as a business coach for women is that I am passionate about getting more wealth and success into the hands of women. 

Since personal assistant and home help businesses are usually run by women, by hiring them, I’m in complete alignment with my core values. I realised that only good things can come from this.

Changing the culture.

If we all start to embrace help in our homes and workplaces the cultural norm of women doing everything will slowly change. 

As women, by asking for help we are causing a cultural disruption that will benefit women for generations to come.

Angela Henderson is an international award-winning business consultant and coach. She runs Australia’s leading women in business retreat, mentors for the QLD State Government, has an award-winning business podcast, and is on a mission to get more wealth into the hands of women.

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