Ouch! 10 break-up letters that make us wince

There are many ways to write a "you cheating love rat!" letter but we must say, these are some of the most creative we've seen. When it comes to breaking up, which style letter do you think you would go with? There's the:

…interactive letter:

gawker letter


…the grand gesture:

Billboard Break Up


…the philosophical letter (the drawing is a nice touch):

Coffee Break Up Notes 


…the overly-complementary letter:

Dear Erin Break up


…the very thorough letter: 

Why I'm Dumping You


…the social media update:

Nightgown Facebook Break Up


…the impersonal personal: 

Why I'm Dumping You


…the pizza to soften the blow:

Nightgown Facebook Break Up


…or, the simple post-it:


Dog Hates You Break Up



Hey, breaking up is hard to do so you might as well make it interesting, right?

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