Ellen's post-Oscars interview with the pizza delivery guy

Have you ever hand-delivered fresh pizza to Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, and Harrison Ford? No?

This guy has. He’s the famous pizza delivery guy in the world.

Yesterday’s (brilliant) Oscars host Ellen Degeneres decided to feed all the hungry famous people attending the Academy Awards. She dialled the closest pizza place to the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood and ordered a stack of piping hot pizzas.

Edgar from Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria turned up – and he had no idea he was about to serve pizza to the most famous people in the world. Without warning, Ellen dragged him off the street and straight on stage, then to the first few rows of hungry celebrities.

Harrison Ford jumped up and ate a slice so quickly he spilled the entire thing down his shirt. Brad Pitt handed out plates like a helpful camp leader. Meryl Streep took two plain cheese, and Channing Tatum grabbed a whole box for himself. It was intense.

Then Ellen took Pharrell Williams’ ridiculous hat around to get tips for the pizza dude.

This morning, the internet is unimpressed that Pizza Guy didn’t get his huge tip.

Turns out that’s because Ellen wanted to present it to him in person. Here’s her post-Oscars chat with him. It’s kind of incredible.

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