FLUFF: Is this the weirdest celebrity couple-swap?


Celebrity Cupid has been shooting some crazy-ass arrows recently. But this famous-person relationship rumour might just be the wackiest we’ve heard in a while. Wait for it, wait for it…

British charmer/ handsome devil/ former Mr Miranda Kerr, 37-year-old Orlando Bloom, has apparently been getting his snuggle on with…

Twenty one-year-old Singer/actress/Disney star Selena Gomez.

Yep, it’s a classic tale of English Crumpet Meets Disney Cherub.

We’ve thought about it and their most logical celebrity couple name would be “Go-Bloom” or “Selenando”. Votes open at the bottom of this post.

Celebrity trivia beginners might not know why this pairing is particularly odd. But anyone who’s been hoovering celebrity gossip for years, like us, will know exactly why.

Two years ago, when rumours were “swirling” that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom’s marriage was “on the rocks”, a photograph of Miranda Kerr backstage went extremely public.

Professional rumour-makers everywhere squealed with joy “reporting” that Miranda was sprung flirting with none other than Justin Bieber.

This was the exact moment everyone lost their minds. And we have to say, The Biebs does have a certain twinkle in his eye. He was backstage at a Victoria’s Secret parade surrounded by genetic mutants (supermodels), so that much was expected.

For those playing at home, who was Justin Bieber dating at that time?

Selena. Gomez. The very same Selena who’s now allegedly cuddling Miranda’s ex, Orlando.

Here they are, the original Just-Go.

So. Either these rumours about Selena and Orlando are a complete coincidence (or a total fabrication).


Selena and Orlando have been planning their revenge for that flirty photo for two whole years and they’ve finally pulled it off. Somewhere in Hollywood, Go-Bloom are sharing a platonic high-five and securing the rights to the film Celebrity Couple Swapsies.

Is this the weirdest celebrity love square you’ve ever heard?

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