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"I live for lists": Exactly how Leigh Campbell gets sh*t done.

Hi, my name is Leigh Campbell and I get off on being organised.

I don't know why I’m like this. Part nature, part nurture, I suppose.

My mum was always supremely organised... I recall as a little kid wanting to eat a packet of biscuits I'd found in a bag in the corner of her bedroom but it turned out it was her stash of stuff she was packing for our holiday... which was in three weeks' time.

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Growing up, my best friends called me 'Premmie' because I was so premature with getting my passport out for a trip, I'd have it in my hand in the cab on the way to the airport.

I know being like this is mostly a way to manage my anxiety, but the organised byproduct definitely has its upsides, too. I've figured out methods and systems to get a lot of stuff done in my days.

Without further ado, this is how I get sh*t done...

I use Trello for my lists

I LIVE for lists. I'd marry my lists if it were legal. I've tried many methods and apps and have settled on Trello. It's a project-organising tool that comes in both app and desktop form. You can share a 'board' with people, so I have one for my business shared with my business partner, then another board just for me that is broken down into columns of life admin, work, urgent work etc, etc. You can easily drag tasks around and delete them when completed. The nerdy satisfaction is real.

Shared iPhone 'notes' are your friend

My husband and I have a shared 'Note' in the iPhone Notes app - you get a notification when the other person updates it. That's where we keep our grocery list - when the person at the supermarket has bought all of some of the list they delete the item, so it's alway up to date. It also has other notes in there so we don't forget, like jobs that need doing around the house, balances on various gift certificates and our licence plate numbers (which I can never remember when I need to at a parking metre).

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