'This face oil has cut two steps out of my skincare routine.'

Earlier this year I was in desperate need of a skincare intervention.

I had just moved cities and changed jobs and I was suffering from a lack of sleep and a whole lot of anxiety – and my face was like a roadmap to my misery.

My skin was dry, yet I had breakouts, and I felt like I had aged about 10 years in two weeks.

My face really needed its closest friends and family to sit down and give it a really good talking to.

I’m fast heading towards my late early 30s (that’s a thing) and I can no longer rely on ‘grabbing whatever’s on sale at the supermarket’ as my skincare routine.

I knew I needed to start treating my skin with more respect, and giving it the kind of unconditional love I give my best friend or any random dogs I run into on the street.

Then I discovered Lemon Myrtle + Rose Face Oil from Cedar and Stone. It’s available online for $45.


It’s organic, it’s Australian made, and within a few weeks of using it I found my skin felt and looked so much better.

My skin was no longer dry and I was having less breakouts, plus I felt less like I was heading towards the nursing home and more like I was in my late early 30s.

organic face oil
Definitely not born with it. Image supplied.

At the risk of sounding like a bad TV commercial - I looked kind of radiant.

I then found that my humble little face oil could actually replace three products. I've been applying it on my skin morning and night after my shower and I've no longer felt the need to use a moisturiser, a serum, or a primer.

I just apply my oil, wait for it to soak in, and then apply my makeup.

I'm finding that my makeup is going on more smoothly and staying on longer, and I'm saving money and time by reducing the amount of products I'm using.

And honestly, my skin is just so happy that we had that little intervention.

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