You won't believe what Oprah said in her audition tape.

Here’s the confidence boost we all need for the day. Turns out even Oprah Winfrey becomes awkward and nervous during job interviews. Or, at least, she did.

As if we couldn’t love Oprah Winfrey any more, this viral video of her has revealed the pre-fame side to the famous daytime television host.

Staff of 60-year-old Oprah’s dug deep into her files and discovered this gem of a video: the TV Host’s audition tape from 1983 for a Chicago TV Show.

In the eye-opening footage, the Queen of life advice was 29 years old and auditioning for what she describes as her dream job. “I was obsessed with getting this job,” she said of the tape.

Oprah begins her audition with this quirky intro:

“Hi there, my name is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah, spelt O-P-R-A-H. And if you notice its Harpo spelt backwards.”

Of course, Oprah got the job at Chicago AM and turned the low-rating program into one of the most successful shows as she started her pathway to fame.

She may not seem as vivacious and wise in this clip, but her gold bling definitely hinted at the glorious personailty of the Oprah that was to come…Watch Oprah’s audition tape below.

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