Some foolish pleb threw something at Oprah Winfrey on-stage.


The big O has hit town, spreading her own brand of aspirational, inspirational, life-changing wisdom.

However, at her show on Wednesday night at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena, one fan decided that she wanted to share something with Oprah.

Oprah reportedly let out a tiny squeal after a young woman stormed the stage and hurled something at her.

Consummate professional that she is, Oprah was only momentarily startled before carrying on with the show.

The hurler in question can’t have been surprised that she was hauled off by security. As‘s Jo Stanley wrote, Oprah herself pointed out that throwing things at people on-stage in these fraught times is not wise.

Security removed the item that was thrown, which has been variously described as a card, a piece of paper, and a wallet. Why would you throw your wallet at a billionaire?

I deeply, intensely want to know what was thrown at Oprah Winfrey.

Was it a love-letter? A pair of underpants? A vial of salty tears? A perfect likeness of Oprah whittled from native macadamia wood?

Despite no one receiving so much as a free car, most the audience was shocked and mortified on Oprah’s behalf.

Some, however, perhaps understood where the anonymous item-thrower was coming from.

In The Guardian, Gay Alcorn called Oprah’s show “silly and trite”.

In The Daily Mail, Peter Ford called it “well-produced utter crap”.

Did you see Oprah in Melbourne? More importantly, do you know what was thrown at her? TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS!