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Bec with her beautiful son Fin

Did someone say sleeeeeeep? I feel like I’ve hardly had any since we launched our very first e-book The Gift of Sleep last Friday. I must admit that on Friday night, after our The Gift of Sleep website had gone live, I gave myself the gift of wine. Followed by the gift of Hazelnut Fudge ice-cream.

Then I had a shower and washed my hair with facial scrub. Accidentally. That’s how tired I am.

I was asleep that night faster than you can say, “Joel Madden, you are Mayor of Hotsville ..Zzzzzzz.”

With this book and a smoochalicious 13-week-old baby sleeping in a basinette next to my bed … I know all about exhaustion. As do thousands of other parents. Parents who have been operating on less than four hours of broken sleep per night for years. Parents who are worn down. And worn out.  That’s one of the reasons I agreed to help ‘Sleep Whisperer’ Elizabeth Sloane write The Gift of Sleep – because it’s about gently and lovingly teaching babies over 6 months how to self-soothe. And, as many of you know, I am fully aware of how precious babies are. But having spent six months working on this ebook with Elizabeth – I can tell you she’s the real deal. (For those interested she has formally trained as a Maternal Nurse’s Aid, has a Newborn Baby Health Certificate, has observed sleep study units and has twenty years of experience in helping thousands of babies learn to self-settle).

Is this book  for everyone? No. As Kate Hunter so eloquently puts it, “Not all books are for all people. Vegetarians aren’t going to buy ‘101 Ways With Mince’.”   Exactly! Only you know what works best for your baby and you. And if what you’re doing now with your baby or toddler works for you — keep going!  But if, like many parents, you are not coping; if you’re getting up to your baby or toddler every 45 minutes to replug a dummy or to pat them and it is physically and emotionally taking a toll on you and your baby  –  The Gift of Sleep‘s gentle controlled-comforting program is another option for you to consider.

Just last night I got these emails from Bev, a mother of twin 10-month-old girls…

Bev from South Australia emailed us to say her 10 month old twins are already sleeping better thanks to The Gift of Sleep!

First email came in at 8.15pm

“My husband and I are totally overwhelmed by the habits we have created for our twins.  Last night we were up to them in excess of 20 times between us and they still ended up in our beds (yes separate beds to accommodate our need to have them close). I downloaded your book on Sunday after seeing an article in the paper and begged my husband to offer Elizabeth anything to come to our home to help us. But he said let’s try it ourselves first. So tonight that is what we have done. It is now 8.10 pm and after 35 and 40 minutes respectively both babies are asleep without dummy, music, feed and patting!”

Bev’s second email came in at 12.42am

“Hi Rebecca sorry it’s 12.30 twins just woke up. They have slept a whole 5 hours –  not long in normal people’s lives but amazing in ours. Yes please use our story on website am more than happy for you to do so!”

Bev’s third email  was sent 28 minutes later at 1.10am

“It is 12.58 after two resettles both babies asleep. No real crying – only whinging. Surprisingly the baby I thought would put up the most protest settled quickest. These are not my first children so you would think I would have no problems getting my babies to sleep but I did. It was probably a combination of knowing they are my last babies and slipping into old habits that I had used before (I know why would you fall into bad habits again?) I am amazed that THE GIFT OF SLEEP appears to be working …  I would recommend and will be telling anyone who cares to listen that it does work and that you are never alone thanks to mothers like you three who care enough about other people  you don’t even know to write this book.”

Those emails are very real. And THAT’S why we asked Elizabeth to give women everywhere access to The Gift of Sleep through this book.  (PS. GO BEV!!!!)

One of the great things about releasing the book is that it meant I had to fly to Sydney recently to do a photoshoot and film some Q&A videos with Elizabeth and the Mamamia team.  Here’s a snapshot of my two days in Sydney when I flew up there with Fin:

– Fin and I arrive at the location for the shoot.

– I become roadkill as Mia, Lana, Lucy, Nicky and Nat push me out of the way to get to Fin.

– At one point I hear Lana utter the words, “Give him back.”

– At another point Mia threatens to fire people if they don’t hand Fin over to her. Allegedly. *cough*

Enough from me.  Here’s what’s been happening around the Mamamia Office recently.

So what’s happening in your world? And have you ever been so tired you washed your hair with facial scrub? (To find out more about The Gift of Sleep go to )

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