Open Post: What's happening in your world?






This week shall forever go down in history as the day the Mamamia Team became: movie stars.

Well, not quite.

Perhaps a more accurate description would be that this week was the week we got ‘as close as we’re ever going to get’ to being movie stars.

Still. It was very exciting.

We have great new new project underway that you’ll be seeing on Mamamia soon. But for now, let’s just say the preparation involved lights, boom mics, a director, a film crew, a creative script-writer type (AKA Rosie ‘I need my muse’ Waterland) and a bunch of soon-to-be A-list stars (AKA the rest of us).

While I struggled with the basic ‘shake your head and look perplexed’ instructions, the rest of the team proved to actually be pretty good actresses.

It turns out that Melissa has diction to rival Julie Andrews, Nicky is in possession of killer comedic timing and Nat has a disturbingly large array of ‘Wounded Bambi’ facial expressions at her disposal. And Lucy – despite being far from enthused by the prospect of Hollywood fame – turned out to be a particularly committed character actor. Stanislavsky eat your heart out.

Stay tuned for the finished product and now over to you. What’s been happening in your world?