Open Post: We might need to get the Prime Minister her own desk...

Prime iInister Julia Gillard at iVillage today.


It’s not every day the Prime Minister drops by your workplace.

Perhaps we should be getting used to it at Mamamia because this is the second time it’s happened in a few months. Some have suggested we just be done with it and allocate her a permanent desk. And we already know how she likes her coffee (black, no sugar).

It’s going to be a huge day for me today and I am thrilled to be starting it by hosting Open Post right here in my old stomping ground at Mamamia. For those who don’t know (or remember) me I used to stomp about all the time on Mamamia as Managing Editor but lately I have been stomping over at iVillage.

iVillage is published by Mamamia and we all work in the same office. Like sister sites who braid each other’s hair. Dot com.

iVillage launched in Australia in July and Nicky Champ (former writer for MM) and I swiveled our chairs around from the Mamamia editorial room and started our own post-it empire on the neighbouring wall several metres away.

And today that wall is overflowing with posts-its saying things like “education” and “Julia Gillard” and “favourite teacher” and there is a little note saying “Don’t forget to charge your laptop and get rid of the crumbs in the keyboard” but that’s a note to myself.

The Editor, Lana (right) and Deputy Editor, Nicky (left) of

The reason that I need to clean my laptop is because the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard will be using it to live blog with our readers not just about her recent campaign to find Australia’s favourite teacher but about education and teaching in general.

We are thrilled to have Ms Gillard on iVillage in one of her first public appearances since that awesome speech and we know that our readers are already asking her interesting and insightful questions which she will begin answering at 9am this morning.

We’d love you to get involved – just click here and join the conversation. It is your opportunity to discuss education and teaching with your Prime Minister and it’s happening today.

Oh and while I have your attention stay in touch by liking our Facebook page here and check out some of what else has been happening at iVillage here and here.

And here’s a peek at what’s been happening around the Mamamia and iVillage offices this week:

And now over to you – what’s been happening for you this week?

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