Open Post: What's on your mind?

We've had an interesting week. Just ask Mia.

Hello Wednesday. It’s so nice to see you there. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting.

Teamsters, it’s the middle of the week and we all need an opportunity to rave, rant, vent and unload. You know how you have those thoughts that just weigh you down – happy or otherwise – and it feels like only a forklift can get them off you?

Well, the Open Post is that forklift. Sit down, get comfy, share away. I’ll go first …

But I don’t want to settle

Most of my friends own houses. I’ve never owned an ironing board. I’ve borrowed and purloined them or re-purposed tables but I’ve never actually bought an ironing board. That would be the beginning of the end of my freedom, am I right? No?

Some of my friend’s mothers – and occasionally my own – look at me with despair in their motherly eyes when they ask me if I’ve ‘settled down’ yet. What they mean, of course, is: do I have a mortgage and at least two children?


I hate renting as much as the next person but there’s something about home ownership that gives me the willies. Peter Pan didn’t have a home loan and a picket fence. I have nothing against my friends who have plunged headfirst into stability, they’re all perfectly happy people without any weird quirks at all I swear it. It’s just not very … me.

Behind the Scenes at Mamamia


We’ve still got smoothfm playing in the office. I’ve been in Billy Joel heaven.

Doggy nail art

I stumbled across this and had to wonder: for the love of all that is decent, why? Unless your dog has an IMDB profile and a list of film credits, I suspect doggy nail art is about as useful as a chimney on a submarine.

Just, no.

Wardrobe Week

Have you caught our Wardrobe Week posts yet? If you haven’t you can find our latest post here – and our gallery below. We’d love for more people to get involved…. If you’re interested more information can be found here. And any submissions can be sent to [email protected]

Well, that’s enough of me. What’s OMM (On Your Mind) this Hump Day?

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