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Well hello there, Wednesday.

Didn’t you sneak up on me out of nowhere?

I’ve got the long weekend to thank for that (sorrynotsorry, non-NSW-or-QLD-people). A three-day weekend has this uncanny way of making you feel like you’re really refreshed and rejuvenated – and then suddenly it’s back to work and you’ve managed to reach a whole new level of disorganisation, having not done anything productive whatsoever since the previous Thursday evening.

That’s where I’m currently at. A weekend whirlwind trip to Melbourne saw me taking far too many naps and before I knew it – it was back at work, back at uni and straight into an interview with Australia’s most well-known personal trainer – Michelle Bridges.

Nat with Michelle Bridges
Nat with Michelle Bridges

Michelle spent 45 mins with me on Tuesday morning, showing me through her new kitchenware and clothing ranges (coming up at Big W – they will make seriously good Chrissie presents for anyone who’s starting to stress). I’m not allowed to give too much away, because my interview with her is coming in my regular fitness post on Sunday.

But let me say this: I was incredibly nervous to meet her, having just been dragged out of a three-day napping cycle. I wasn’t entirely sure that I was ready to face a female powerhouse like Michelle Bridges. But – and I’m not sure what I was really expecting – she was incredibly lovely. Smart, passionate and inspirational that she made me want to stand up and do circuit laps around the showroom. While also getting training tips from her forever.

Plus her clothing range looks really nice (I’m a sucker for aqua):


bridges 2

And her shoes were AMAZING. “These are my new training shoes,” she joked when I asked to take a photo:

bridges 3

I’m now almost feeling okay about the Tough Mudder event I’ve signed up to do on Sunday – but check back with me on Monday when I will probably be speaking to you FROM THE GRAVE.

What’s going on in your world?

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