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Open post: The Mamamia DIY gift guide.

Stressed out about Christmas? Yeah. Us too.

Hello friends, and welcome to the weekly edition of Open Post – the post which allows you to talk about whatever you want, regardless of how random it might be.

But this week? I’m taking it over to launch the 2013 Mamamia DIY gift guide: you know, the annual post we do for those of you that are completely stuck on what to buy someone for Christmas.

If you have all your Christmas presents sorted, but at the last moment, realise that you need to find something for your brother-in-law’s new girlfriend, assigned to you in the Kris Kringle draw. Then this post is for you.

This is how it works. Send us your gift dilemma and our fine readers will come up with suggestions just for you. It’s a foolproof method, because even if you don’t know what to buy, say, an 8-year-old boy, someone else is bound to know.

And in turn, you can help out other people too. All that Christmas spirit and everything.

I’ll kick it off.

I’m looking for a present for my dad. Happy to spend up to $100. I generally just buy him alcohol but I would really like to branch out this year. He likes music and books but tends to buy himself anything he wants, so that’s a bit of a no-go zone. He really loves travel – so maybe something to do with that?

Anyone you need to buy a present for? Throw it open for discussion here…

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