Open post: Come and tell us how your week's going.

Well well…What a week this has been.

I would like to pronounce this week: “glamorous week” in the name of the fantastic Sydney Mardi Gras and that little event you may have heard of called ‘the Oscars.’

And the 2013 Oscars did not disappoint. We had selfies, Ellen making the internet go absolutely bonkers, a Jennifer Lawrence trip to the floor and a whole heap of dresses that I would love to just stroke a little. Not even wear them – a little stroke would suffice.

Are you listening to my creepy and yet reasonable request, Versace? McQueen? Um…Hello?

Until I get my Sex and the City Movie style packaged dress, I will wait patiently at my desk.

This week also marks my third week as an intern here at Mamamia. Even as a pom in the faraway land of rain and Kate Middleton, the Mamamia website has always fascinated me.

But it’s not just great content, what makes it unique is its relation to you and me as readers. And the weekly open post is of paramount importance to creating a great sharing community for all of us Mamamia fans.

We are looking for more interns like me at Mamamia, so click here if you think you would suit the role!

And because I want to draw out this glamorous week as long as possible, here are some of the pretty dresses from the Oscars.

So, what’s on your mind this week? Did you get stuck in the Oscar’s hype?