'The online shopping secret that's saving me hundreds of dollars. No, really.'

Editor’s note: No, this post isn’t sponsored. Dana just really, really loves the product. (Really.)

I have a secret shame that I need to share with you all.

I’m a shopping addict. Nothing makes my heart happier than picking out a new outfit, new linen, new kitchen appliances – whatever. I love to shop for whatever I can, whenever I can, especially online.

Delivery day is the best day of the week. Who doesn’t love getting mail? It’s like pre-bought presents from me to me. Brilliant.

Even so, online shopping is a major drain on my bank account. Even with AfterPay reducing the weekly amount I’m spending on new clothes, MenuLog dinners and homewares is out of control.

Getting my online shopping delivered makes me so happy.

I've thought about giving up my click addiction, but there are too many great things out there, guys. Sequinned throw pillows? Yes. Scented candles with jewellery hidden in the wax? Yes. Sparkly silver sneakers with glitter laces? YES. I just want them ALL.

I love shopping, so I'm constantly on the hunt for ways to feed my addiction on the cheap - and I'm onto a real winner.


There's a clever little internet extension called Honey, and if you're a online shopping fiend like me you NEED to be using it.

Basically, you add items to your cart as usual and once you're at the checkout stage, instead of crying about how much money you're about to spend and closing the tab, you switch on the Honey app and voilà!

Honey is a internet extension that could be saving you big bucks.

It'll search the web for you and apply any discount codes that are currently available.

Also if you find a cracker of a code not yet being used by Honey, you can add it in for everyone to use. It's GENIUS - like a crowdsourcing charity bonanza, but for, you know, securing a cool 20 per cent discount off those ASOS jeans.

In just a few months, I've found a bunch of new discount codes, and saved hundreds by slicing the fat off my spending.

You can download Honey for yourself, here.

You're welcome.

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