OMG! We can't stop watching these hilarious dancing horses

I never thought I'd spend hours obsessively watching ponies dancing. In fact I would go so far as to say the equestrian event is my least favourite part of any Olympics and that is quite similar to ponies dancing isn't it? Except it's not. Not when it comes to these moonwalking Shetland ponies.

This video of a Shetland Pony doing the moonwalk to Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere" (for UK telecom three) has become a YouTube senstation with over four and a half million views since it was published on 28 February. Only a couple of thousand of those were mine. 

But that's not where the fun ends, in fact it's where it all begins. To prolong the viral success of the campaign, three are inviting fans to produce their own mashups here. I warn you it's addictive. Think boyband, rock, punk, romance – in fact think of all the fun you had playing with My Little Ponies and then put it to music. Genius.

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