FLUFF: Now yet another Olsen sister is engaged, it's a race to the altar.

The buzz has barely worn off after the news of Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement to 44-year-old banker Olivier Sarkozy two weeks ago….

And now another Olsen girl is getting married.

Yep, the twins’ little sister Elizabeth Olsen, 25, is engaged to actor boyfriend Boyd Holbrook, according to Us Weekly.

The magazine reports that Elizabeth and Boyd have been living together, having a lot of ‘couple time’ and took a suspiciously romantic trip to Paris recently.

Olsen and 32-year-old Holbrook have been dating since 2012, when they  met on set of the movie Very Good Girls, which also starred Demi Moore and Dakota Fanning.

No news yet on whether they’ve set a date, but the Daily Mail reports that the loved-up couple took their relationship to the next level a few months back when they reportedly moved in together in Brooklyn, New York City.

Holbrook proposed during that recent trip to Paris, presenting Elizabeth with a ring that she’s “keeping private,”  Star reports.

Now that two of the three Olsen girls are engaged, we suspect Ashley Olsen’s 47-year-old director boyfriend Bennett Miller is feeling the pressure to get one down on one knee.

And we’re secretly hoping he does. Triple wedding, anyone?

Until we get a chance to gawk at the Olsens’ left-hand bling, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with these photos of other celebrity engagements:

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