US retailer Photoshops a thigh gap onto a plus size mannequin. Oof.

It feels it was just last week we were calling out on Target’s botched crotch-shopping of a teenage mod–oh wait, it was.

And here we are again.

This time, retouchers at US retailer Old Navy (owned by The Gap) have also shown complete disregard for physical anatomy by dodgily Photoshopping a thigh gap onto a plus-size mannequin.

Yes, a mannequin, not even a real body. We’re now creating an ideal that’s unacceptable for even plastic bodies (supposedly) representing average-sized women to conform to.

This is where we’re at now.

In a statement sent to Jezebel, the company has denied that any retouching trickery is at play, but zooming in on the image, it does appear to us that the graphic designer has gone overboard with the Magic Wand Tool.

There’s a saying in fashion that goes ‘Three’s a trend,’ so is this…wait, have we stumbled on…is this a movement? Is this a response by graphic designers who have had enough of soul-destroying retouching work? Did this graphic designer want to get fired? Is this today’s version of going postal? Probably not. But it’s an easier idea to digest than someone suggesting that a plastic mannequin needs to be slimmed down because they are too fat and too ugly to sell clothes.

In the spirit of poking fun at the situation, because we’ve almost used up all our outrage, we’ve applied our own inferior Photoshop skills to a whole bunch of things that don’t have thigh gaps. Enjoy.

Jabba the Hutt.


Homer Simpson.

Cartman from South Park.

Care Bears.


Pilsbury Doughboy.


The Marshmallow Man.

For more Photoshop fails, take a look through the gallery below:

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