Man invents easy way to sign office birthday cards. Becomes a hero.

Forget the stapler. Say goodbye to the tape dispenser. Because Brendan may have just come up with the greatest office invention OF ALL TIME.

Fed up with the endless stream of birthday cards that constantly cluttered his precious work space, Brendan came up with an ingenious idea.


Why not…why not just use a stamp?

Brendan not only saves time, but he also gives his wrist a break from writing those pesky ‘Have a great day!’ messages.

He also saves brainpower, because his stamp comes ready-made with a generic, one-size-fits-all birthday message.

office birthday stamp
AMAZING! Image via Instagram.

Of course, Brendan's invention only works if your name is ALSO Brendan, but we're so impressed by his time-saving hack that we're thinking it's worth it to file all that paperwork to get our name legally changed.

Or we could, just you know, order our own stamp.

Better yet, perhaps we could be nice, respectable colleagues and just write a personalised message on every card that comes our way.