Your New Year's Eve: from preparation to exhaustion (in GIFs).


Trying to make sense of what went down last night? Didn’t go out at all? Want to know what the kids are up to?

Look no further. This is a definitive, step-by-step guide to everybody’s New Year’s Eve night, ever. Because New Year’s Eve is the same for everybody, every year, and has been since the dawn of time.

1. Getting ready

2. Excitement in the air

3. Watch the fireworks

4. Try to leave the fireworks show early to ‘avoid the crowds’. Faced with this:

5. G0 dancing:

6. Someone has a drunken emotional meltdown:

8. Someone falls over in their ridiculous heels:

9. There’s always a buzzkill won’t stop complaining:

10. You lose someone, and spend what feels like hours looking for them.

11. You end up eating something disgusting at 3am

12. It’s time to go. You hope you’ll be able to get a taxi straight away

13. Wake up next day. Should be grabbing the new year by the horns. Instead you sleep until 2pm and then cry because you’re so hungover.