Nude photo sprung on Lara Bingle

Last night on Lara Bingle’s show, Being Lara Bingle, she went heli-skiing in New Zealand, slept in an igloo and got chased down the slopes by the papparazzi. But that’s not all. Despite it being over two years since her nude shower picture first began being circulated, it’s still being brought up. More specifically, it was brought up on the show last night when Lara went on a breakfast TV program to discuss the new brand she’s representing, H2CoCo.

This from Pedestrian TV:

Lara is being probed constantly about Michael Clarke. Okay, cool, we get it, she dated Michael Clark. His new name is Legolas but whatever.

It was a complete invasion of my privacy,” says Lara. Kinda like what is happening right now. Le Bing is – to her credit – being a total pro and sticking to her H2CoCo script, but I kinda feel like she has every right to tell this dickhead ‘Hey why don’t you take down this topless photo of me and talk about something else.‘ That’s what I would’ve said, Me: Lara Bingle’s most internally-conflicted advocate.