Sigh. These are the life skills I don't have.

Don’t worry guys, I got this. Oh wait.





Folding a fitted sheet, programming your dvd to record, reading a map, paying bills on time. We’ve all got that one life skill we just can’t master, no matter how hard we try. That task that seems too insurmountable to even begin to comprehend how to do it. You could be an engineer or an algorithmic genius or a beautician, or you could have an IQ of 150 but still not manage to figure out how to make frothy milk on the new-fangled coffee machine.

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It’s like our brains are too overloaded with trying to remember 27 different passwords or full with useless information like the names of all of the Kardashians to fit in any more stuff.

For me the life skills I don’t have include reverse parking. Actually scratch that, it’s reverse parking when I have passengers in the car that I can’t master. On my own I am amazing.

At times I’ll have pulled off what I think is a perfect parallel park and look around for a crowd applauding my moves with a golf clap. Never happens.

Which begs the question, If someone perfectly parallel parks in the woods and there’s no one around to see it, is it still a perfect park?

Well I’m happy to report it does and I finally got one on camera. I was test-driving the Nissan X-Trail, you can see what I think about it in the video below but let me just say, heated coffee cup warmers, and keep watching for my amazing (ahem) reverse park around the two-minute mark. Oh and my gorgeous 20-month-old daughter, Amelia, has a starring role.


Back to our lacklustre life skills for a moment, I did a quick whip around the Mamamia office to see how the brillant and talented people I work with were failing at life.

Contributing editor, Bec Sparrow can never remember how to cut up a spring onion: Do you stop when you get to the green bit? Do you just eat the white? What the hell?

Mamamia writer Rosie Waterland doesn’t know how to post a letter or fold a fitted sheet.

Mamamia EA/writer/fitness blogger/HTML guru/general site whisperer, Nat can’t use a GPS or navigate like a “normal person” (her words not mine).

Deputy editor Lucy can’t plait her own hair. And every time she wants to cook rice she has to Google the grain-to-water ratio.

Editor Jamila’s special non-talent is spatial awareness, it’s makes for funny viewing watching her try to map out a change in the editoral seating plan.

Editorial assistant Mary can’t use her DVD player. She could circa-2009, but then her family got a new one (with fancy network connectivity and DVR) when she was away for the weekend and has never managed to learn since.

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What life skill/s can’t you master? And please tell me I’m not on my own with the parking thing.