How to keep kids entertained on those impossibly long trips.

Eye spy. Statues. The number plate game. What are the games that you play to keep your kids entertained when you’re in the car?

In this second video of the Back Seat Heroes series, writer and comedian Em Rusciano tells us about the games she plays to keep her kids entertained in the car.

The games they come up with are hilarious.

Sometimes, it’s the moments in the car that can drive quality time between mums and their kids. Our Backseat Hero Competition looks to celebrate those shared moments.

For the next four weeks, we’re going to be bringing you a video each week about the moments mums share with their kids in the car. There will be a theme for each video and every week we’ll be asking you to share your own memories via social media or in the comments section of the post for your chance to win.

Entry can be via Instagram, Instavideo, Facebook, or Twitter. Whichever one you fancy! Just make sure that your entry is hashtaged as #backseatheroes. (And please remember proper car safety, especially child safety restraints.)

From the great memories you share each week, a winner and a runner up will be chosen to win a cash prize. First place will win a $750 cash card, and the runner up will win a $250 cash card.

Check out the competition details here.

Editor’s note: Before we jump into the challenge theme for this week, we are excited to announce the first place and runner up winners of the Back Seat Heroes challenge from last week.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their entries. The number and quality of the entries makes it very tough to decide on a winner, but we’re looking forward to seeing more from you in the next could of weeks.
Congratulations Charlotte Cheadle. You are the winner of our Week 1 Challenge. A $750 cash card will be coming your way.

Charlotte’s #backseatheroes entry.

Congratulations Danielle Rose. You are the runner up of our Week 1 Challenge. A $250 cash card will be coming your way.

Danielle’s #backseatheroes entry.

The entries for this week’s challenge are now officially open  …

Check out some of the entries that have been coming in so far:

How do you keep kids entertained in the car?

Editors note: This is just a special note to make sure you’re all staying safe while creating your competition entries. While Mamamia wants you all to have fun with your photos and competition entries, we also want to encourage you to be safe. To read more about the ways you can keep your kids safe around cars, check out this post.