FLUFF: Nikki Webster makes you feel even older by showing you her baby girl.

World, meet Nikki Webster’s baby girl Skylah.

Yep, Nikki Webster of the Strawberry Kisses. Nikki Webster of the flying Olympic Ceremony performance. Nikki Webster, the legitimate adult who makes you feel extremely old every time she reaches a new life stage.

The 26-year-old singer shared these sweet photos with The Daily Edition on Seven. Can we get an “awwww”?

Here’s baby Skylah, who was born on February 6…

Here she is, just casually being a mother in front of a perfect-looking house…

And this is how happy Nikki is to be a mama…

It’s been a whole 14 years since the freckle-faced, strawberry-blonde performer hung out in the sky and became a star during the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony. It’s been 13 years since Nikki released Strawberry Kisses. And it’s been six years since she posed mostly naked for lad mag FHM.

Want more famous people with babies? You got it.

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