Watch Nikki Gemmell stripped bare...

Nikki Gemmell with her fourth child, Jago.

Get a glass of wine (or soft drink or water, what have you) and settle in for tonight’s episode because we let our hair down, put the lollies on the table and talk about SEX.

And who better to do it with then the fabulous, frank and freaking hilarious Nikki Gemmell.

You might remember her as the author of the then controversial Bride Stripped Bare. It was published anonymously due to the honest and graphic account of having sex after marriage. You know, not normally the stuff you’d want to share with the mothers at school pick-up. But Nikki’s anonymity was given up and she was hounded by the press.


After all of that she’s followed that novel up with her latest, With My Body, the story of one woman’s sexual awakening that is so powerful it resonates with married women everywhere. And, as Nikki notes, some men too (who she says should read it).

We talk sex partners, communication in the bedroom and why you should demand a good kisser…

It’s honest, raw refreshing stuff. And it’ll have you in stitches. The full show is now live!

And let’s meet the panel:

Lisa Hensley, Sam de Brito, Sean Power and Rebecca Sparrow

Lisa Hensley is now a regular on the show, and a bloody wicked wit as well. She’s funny and clever and willing to speak her mind. Lisa is an actress and broadcaster.


Sam de Brito, the best Sam we’ve ever had on the panel, is the author of Hello Darkness
and a columnist with Fairfax.

Sean Power. What can we say? The man’s a future media star and totally on Mia’s radar after interviewing her for his university podcast (Sean is a media studies student) and knocking her socks off. Tonight is a baptism of fire and he handles it all with good grace. Just wait ’till you see how Sam reacts.

Rebecca Sparrow is our darling Deputy Editor and the author of The Girl Most Likely
and Find Your Tribe. We love her and you will too on what is now her second appearance.

Here’s the short film ‘Tagged’ which Sean talks about:

Oh and here’s that photo of Mia and Sean. Remember, he’s 20!

Sean Power and Mia, his Fairy God Mother.