Remember those self-tying shoes from Back to the Future? They're a thing now.

Have you ever got yourself in this problematic, yet vaguely adorable, laces situation?

Been running up the stairs after your better half and taken the trip because of those pesky laces?

Too plain awesome to wear shoes like this?

Well, shoemaker Nike has a surprise for you.

In 2011, Nike made Marty Mcfly’s iconic kicks that he wore in Back to the Future II. Y’know, the grey high tops that blew his mind with their self-tying laces? They were great; they raised a lot of money for the Michael J Fox foundation, dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinsons disease, and looked the part.

But one thing was missing. The laces required man-power.

But now, Nike have proved the impossible possible. They went back to the drawing board and straight to the future. (gettit?). Get ready for self-tying laces and self-satisfaction in 2015.


Hannah Adkins is a writer (intern) at Mamamia. She’s a blogger at and an aspiring journalist. She’s typically English (awkward, emotionally suppressed, loves tea) and has an unhealthy infatuation with Beyonce.  Find her on twitter @hannah_adkins11

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