The most controversial yoga pants since Lululemon

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Prepare to be outraged…or not.

Forget leggings, Nike has just released the comfiest yoga pants on the planet. The kind of ‘fisherman’ pants you’d usually find on tourists in Byron Bay or Bali. You know, the ones who were doing yoga before it was cool.

Nike Tadasana Ikat women’s capris are made of Dri-FIT fabric with a dropped inseam -that’s fancy talk for dropped crotch or ‘poo-catcher’ pants- for the “ultimate freedom of movement” during yoga.

Yoga pants and leggings are never far from controversy, particularly the recall of those see-through Lulelemon leggings last year, and Nike’s latest edition to the yoga pant family is no exception.

The Huffington Post published a story titled ‘These Nike Yoga Pants Have Us Saying WTF’ with style commentary as unflattering as the pants.

“It's like a cross between men's briefs, capris and harem pants. Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em!” said Senior Beauty Editor, Dana Oliver.

Carly Ledbetter, Lifestyle Fellow said, “At least if someone is trying to look at my butt during a workout, they won't be able to find it. Downside, neither will I.”

And Style Fellow, Jaime Feldman had three reactions to the pants, “1. If I stare at them long enough will the pattern look like it's moving? 2. WHY 3. SERIOUSLY, WHY!?”

Sure, the distracting magic eye pattern isn’t conducive to our attempted zen-state but at least there’s no possible way you’d get camel toe in these pants.

And those are pants we can get behind.

Over to you, dropped crotch yoga pants, rad or bad?