Celeb news: The one thing Nigella Lawson wanted after her divorce.

Nigella Lawson on the cover of Vogue.

Nigella Lawson is moving on – and she’s trying not to carry baggage from her past (both literal and metaphorical) into the future.

The world-famous chef just survived a public and controversial separation from art dealer Charles Saatchi last year, following an incident where he was seen grabbing her by the throat at a public restaurant.

Then he dragged her name through the courts during a fraud case against the couple’s former assistants. But after all that, she only wants one thing in her divorce settlement.

Her kitchen items.

That’s right. The original domestic goddess just wants to hold onto all her spatulas, bless her big beautiful heart.

In an interview with Vogue UK, Nigella opened up about her current plans and how she will be moving forward. Writer Fiona Golfar revealed that:

“Nigella adores the indulgences in life — good food, good face cream, good bed linen. But she’s not [spoiled]. The very fact she walked away from her marriage without asking for anything other than the contents of her kitchen is testament to that.”

All we have to say is #TeamNigella.

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