They've been married 8 years today, but they almost didn't make it down the aisle.

The hottest Australian celebrity marriage that almost didn’t happen.

The tabloids can whisper about marriage trouble all they like, but this megastar couple still seem pretty loved up to us.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are celebrating eight happily married years today. And showing how devoted he still is, Keith Urban dedicated the song Once in a Lifetime to Nicole Kidman at his recent Sydney show (Kidman was at home with their two daughters), and gave an unusual insight into their wedding day.

“This is a true story. In 2006 my wife and I — my fiancée and I — were figuring out our wedding.”

“It was all set and we were in a hotel and we were talking about the future, about getting married, and she started to get really worried about getting married because it’s a huge thing and it’s not something that you take lightly and it’s a leap of faith.

“It’s all of those things and she was scared.

“So I totally understood that and I was trying to reassure her that I’m her guy, I’m your guy baby.”

Urban continued to say that after they “got through a pretty rough night” he wrote the lyrics to Once in a Lifetime. 

“Everything that Nic has said the night before had came out in the song,” he said.

As history has recorded, four months after their wedding, Keith went into rehab for drug and alcohol addiction after Nicole staged an intervention. She stood by her man, and they went on to have daughters Sunday, 5, and Faith, 3. And make it to their eighth wedding anniversary.

Congratulations, guys.

Urban is performing his Light The Fuse tour in Australia and will be in Melbourne and Perth this week.

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