BLOG: How to get the leather look for less.


Five years ago you would never have thought we’d be associating ‘leather’ with ‘wardrobe staple’. And had I have told our Publisher, Mia Freedman you’ll wear leather hot pants on the cover of a national magazine, I dare say she would’ve scoffed at the very suggestion.

But here we are.

So let’s get into how you can get the leather look without having to eat two minute noodles for a week or remortgage your house.

1. Spliced leather – if you don’t want to go the whole leather hog, spliced leather is a great option. 

1. Sportsgirl PU jacket $99.95,

2. SEED Ponte pants $89.95

3. Sportsgirl panelled leggings $59.95

Seed apparel swing skirt $89.95

2. Leather look leggings – I’m not naming any names but no less than four Mamamia staff members own a pair of these.

Supre wet look leggings $20

3. Leather trackies. Make like Obama cos’ Yes You Can.

And you may have noticed this season a looser leather trouser look is in, you might even call them leather trackies. I know, you’re all dying to know how to wear them (cough) so I chatted to Westfield stylist, Madelin Tomelty to get her top styling tips for perfecting the leather trackie look.

1. Leather trackies are voluminous and very much the sporty-luxe look, so to keep from looking like you’re about to do a workout, keep your top half fitted, structured and more put-together. I love them paired with a feminine, fitted top and tailored jacket.

2. The bagginess of leather trackies lends itself to a more casual look, so to counter-balance this, avoid wearing them with flats which will dress the outfit down further. Heeled boots and open-toe heels lengthen your legs and work perfectly with a dressier top-half for the evening. Add a feature necklace for an edgy and on-trend look.

3. Not a fan of heels? Wear your leather legs with a cotton tee, this season’s denim jacket and a pair of patent ballet flats (with toe cleavage if you can), which will keep your feet nice and open and won’t cut your legs off.


 Would you try wearing leather look?