Fluff: This is what Nicki Minaj looks like without clothes or makeup.

Hardcore rapper Nicki Minaj has posted a series of nude photos of herself on Instagram. And this is awkward, but they’re way less raunchy than anything she’s even been pictured in before.

The pics, in which she’s totally makeup free, reveal that she’s secretly gorgeous (a fact that gets a little lost when she’s rocking mesh body suits, weird Pope outfits and fuschia beehive wigs.)

The bath0tub shots included no captions – but the rapper, 31, later explained on Twitter that she was showing off her hair in preparation for the release of a new hair product line.

Showing off her hair. OF COURSE.

“It takes too much time to do it. Too much blow drying,” the “Super Bad” singer tweeted by way of explanation.

“Plus I got new hair products Coming out so I gotta show u guys how well they work.”

See the rest of Minaj’s nudie rudie shots – and more celebs with no makeup- here:

Then compare them with what Nicki usually gets up to:

What do you think of the pics? Do you agree she looks pretty amazing?

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