FLUFF: Your childhood crush just got married. To someone that's not you.

The Backstreet Boy you fantasy-married in your mind circa 1997 just got hitched.

Yep, we’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you, but Nick Carter just got married. He wed his longtime love, actress/fitness guru Lauren Kitt, in a ceremony in Santa Barbara over the weekend. And it looked a little bit heavenly – though apparently their first kiss lasted for an awkwardly long time.

To answer your most important question, yes, the Backstreet Boys were all in attendance. AJ’s little girl Ava was even the flower girl.

To answer your second most important question, no, Nick’s little bro Aaron Carter was not there. He got stuck on a plane and couldn’t make it in time.

For anyone who really had their heart set on marrying a Carter boy, we hear Aaron’s still available… and he’s a real charmer. Here’s what he has to say about missing his big bro’s wedding.

“Really?? @USAirways @drakebell bro are we both sitting here?? Like really I DIDNT want to miss my bros wedding!! F**K!”

And then later, he added: “Really pissed off that I missed my brothers wedding today.. i hope he doesn’t hate me .. I tried to get there… I’m sorry bro @nickcarter #technicalProblems”.

But back to the Carter of the moment, Nicholas, 34. Here’s what his new wife gave him as a wedding present.

And here’s the completely adorable photo Lauren shared on Instagram one week before the wedding. “Next Saturday the first man I ever loved will give me away to the love of my life @nickcater. I love you Dad,” she wrote in the caption.

And to get a closer look at Nick and Lauren together, here are at their engagement party, nuzzling up to one another.

And because we couldn’t possibly write anything Backstreet Boy themed without getting one of their ridiculous amazing songs stuck in our head, here’s their song I Want It That Way.

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